"The Architect Antoni Gaudí - Myth and Reality"

The Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet has characterized the cityscape of the northern Spanish metropolis Barcelona as hardly anyone. It was here he has left more than a dozen of his significant famous buildings that do not appear to be in line with the norm. What is the secret behind those organic-like shapes, those narrative designs? Cool construction or fantastic architecture?
The film depicts Gaudi’s career as an architect: unfinished works, the sponsor Eusebi Güell and the political upheavals all have an impact on him. His individual buildings may cause a stir, but nevertheless, seem to have an architectonic unique position without relevance in the modern age.

Unerringly and with a view for the modern the filmmakers thwart systematically the perceived image of Gaudi so far: behind the colourful, utopian- like house and church facades, Gaudi’s mathematical ingenuity gradually flashes through...

EXPERTS’ JUDGEMENT: “The way Gaudi’s sophistication comes across in this film is hitherto unparalleled.“